DME Tuning Is The Worlds Most Advanced Engine Tuning ECU Software. Cedar Performance is ready to show you the raw capabilities your vehicle is hiding.

With more than 30 years combined experience, in conjunction with time spent working for the BMW Factory, what we provide above all else is confidence in engineering. Our Professionals are standing by to help our clients experience the true power and speed their vehicle is capable of.


An ECU(Electronic Control Unit) is a module of automobile electronics that incorporates an embedded system. Today's automobiles may include 75 or more ECUs that manage almost everything. This includes the engine, transmission, doors, windows, airbags, and user interface.

When manufacturers put an engine in a new vehicle, they have no clue where the customer will reside or what circumstances he or she will be involved in. As a result, they install a "one-size-fits-all" engine and accompanying embedded system that complies with current emissions regulations. This is done by the Engine Control Unit (ECU).

Whether you’re attempting a performance build or looking to enhance your new vehicle. ECU tuning can come in handy to harness the optimum potential of your engine. Talk to one our professional today to see if our Mclaren ECU & DME Tune is right for you!

“Fantastic shop run by great people! My M4 is my first BMW, and Matt went above and beyond to not only install my parts but also educate me on my car. I’ll be back soon for phase 2!”

– John Schurman


Digital Motor Electronics (DME) is a microprocessor based system that controls the ignition, fuel injection, oxygen sensor, and numerous ancillary functions of an automobile.

The two main tasks DME performs are (1) the injecting of the proper amount of fuel . (2) providing a spark at the correct time. In order for this to happen, the system requires information about the engine’s current state. Want more detail on our Mclaren ECU & DME Tune? Contact Us Here!

“Cedar Performance is one of the best shops out. They did an excellent job in taking my car to the next level, performance wise. I’m really happy. They are truly experts when it comes to these cars.”

– Chiedu Bosah

Why Choose Cedar Performance?

 Cedar Performance was founded to try and fix a few problems with the repair and performance industry in the DFW metroplex. After working at various other high-end shops in the area, co-founder Matthew Lambert decided it is time to do things right. He got tired of working for employers who are over-charging customers for parts and services they do not need, to pay for the shop(s) to purchase unnecessary things such as matching toolboxes, yellow Ferrari 458's, etc. At Cedar Performance, Dallas, we believe a successful business can be ran and can be successful, while at the same time being fair. We believe above all else, taking care of our customers in an honest and respectable way, with reasonable associated costs is key. 
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Everything You Need To Boost Performance

All Major Brands Including: BMW, McLaren, Mercedes, Porsche, Audi, Ferrari, and Lamborghini.



We provide bespoke engine tuning and modification services for European and Performance street cars.

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DME Tuning is the most advance ECU tuning software for BMW, McLaren, Mercedes, Porsche, Audi, Ferrari, and Lamborghini.



We provide installation and configuration services for all type of performance and exhaust upgrades.



Our in-house dyno allows us to gauge your vehicle's performance and measure horsepower and torque gains during the tuning process.

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