Cedar Performance, BMW Tuning Professionals

“Hands down the most educated and familiar company I have worked with.  Most tuners act like their software is magic, Cedar explains the details.” – Abdul @ EAE Labs

Why buy BMW Tuning from Cedar Performance?

Simple answer. The software is proven. Our BMW tunes are utilized all over the world, from Brazil to Sweden, Finland, and more. Cedar Performance Calibrations are absolutely the most robust and thoroughly developed calibrations on the market.

These days with platforms such as Bootmod3 and MHD doing a lot of the leg work, there are many ‘tuners’ offering software for these cars. Don’t be fooled, we are not in the arena as these folks.

What’s the Difference?

Here are a few things that make the Cedar Sauce so sweet.

1. After Sales Support.

Firstly, Cedar Performance offers incomparable service and support.  It’s very common for a tuner to point out a problem in a log and provide no solution as the vast majority have no hands-on experience.

It takes a seasoned veteran with mounds of experience to suggest a fix.

This is where we really shine. Our staff member Matthew and assistants are diagnostics and support specialists, dedicated to helping ensure success when running our software.

2. Development Efforts

Second, Cedar Performance dedicates a large percentage their own time and money to researching and developing calibrations.  This is something you need not disregard.

While we are often tasked with new challenges in requests from our customers, we do our best to do as much legwork as possible on our own time.

Our head of calibrations Utku and his crew are constantly noting adjustments and gains, and our overall tuning strategies and philosophies grow as a hole.

This will minimize the time spent testing, and maximize the time spent enjoying!

3. Overall Diversified Experience

Finally, Cedar Performance is one of only a handful of companies capable of tuning a wide variety of makes and models in house.  While we recognize the benefits of repetitive experiences with the same platforms, having experience with a plethora of engines and subsystems from the same families absolutely offers it’s advantages as well.

M Series (78)

X Series (140)

1 Series (5)

2 Series (29)

3 Series (81)

4 Series (54)

5 Series (85)

6 Series (45)

7 Series (25)

8 Series (3)

Z4 (21)